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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could hear Michelle Obama tell a live audience that her husband’s home country is Kenya?

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear Barack Obama admit in front of a live audience that his nation of birth is Kenya?

Watch the top three videos and you can hear both Barack and Michelle Obama make that admission by going to:

For those who still believe Obama is a “natural born citizen,” listen to this DEMOCRAT, attorney with a list of credentials speak.



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REPEAL – A Word We Need To Use More Often

There is a lot of talk lately about repeal – especially when it comes to the unconstitutional Obamacare socialized healthcare law. Obamacare should be repealed but not the way the Republicans want to do it.

The Repubs want to substitute a more palatable health care law, but it will still be a federal law giving the fools and idiots on Capitol Hill an undue measure of control over medicine. Based on the wording of the 10th Amendment – (The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people), the federal government has absolutely no business regulating or controlling medical care since nowhere in the body of the Constitution is medicine mentioned.

If the Repubs succeed in repealing the unconstitutional healthcare law it should be killed, buried and made to rest for eternity in an unmarked grave never again to raise its fearsome and ugly head.

Equally important should be the repeal of the 17th Amendment. That Amendment allows for the election of Senators. The reason is simple; the enactment of the 17th Amendment destroyed the Constitutional balance of powers. As written in the body of the Constitution, Senators were to be appointed by the states, not elected by the people.

Most of us are familiar with the aspect of the Constitution which attempts to balance federal power between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government. This is the vertical balance of power. What seems to be forgotten by most of us, if it was ever understood in the first place, is the horizontal balance of power.

The House of Representative, often called the People’s House, was the strong voice of the people BECAUSE the representatives were to be elected by popular vote in their respective districts. The Senate was to be the voice of the state and as such the Senators were to be APPOINTED by the legislatures of their respective states. The selection of the president was complicated but involved both the voice of the people and voice of the states and an ELECTORAL COLLEGE.

The Founders would shudder if they knew the election of the president was by popular vote which is often swayed by money, popular opinion and marketability. They would likewise shudder to know Senators are elected by popular vote, thus stripping the states of all voice in the running of our Republic.

A good start to restoring some semblance of power in the governing of America will be the repeal of the 17th Amendment thus giving the states back their voice.

Congress also needs to REPEAL Obamacare and if that fails due to Senate neglect or Obama veto, DEFUND the beast. Kill it by starving it to death, but get rid of it.

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The fox is guarding the hen house and the wolves are herding the sheep!

Here come the Muslims … this will make your day!

In June Obama nominated and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano appointed Arif Alikhan, a devout Muslim, as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development.

The appointment of two “devout” Muslims to critical, sensitive positions in the Department of Homeland Security leaves our nation more open to further attacks. We must never forget that nine “devout” Muslim men killed 3,000 American citizens when they flew hi-jacked planes into American buildings and a “devout” Muslim man killed 13 people inside Fort Hood.

Now think about this for a moment. Has anyone ever heard a new government official being identified as a devout Catholic, a devout Jew or a devout Protestant…?

Just wondering.

Devout Muslims being appointed to critical Homeland Security positions? Doesn’t this make you feel safer already? That should make our home land much safer, huh!

Arif Alkihan

Propaganda released by DHS was a barrage of praise for Alkihan who brings a “broad and impressive array of experience in national security, emergency preparedness and counterterrorism to the Department…Arif comes from Los Angeles Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa’s office, where he served as Deputy Mayor of Homeland Security and Public Safety. As a key adviser to the Mayor, he has led the City’s efforts to develop homeland security, emergency management and law enforcement initiatives, including operational oversight of Los Angeles Police, Fire and Emergency Management departments. He is a former federal prosecutor and senior advisor to the U.S. Attorney General, and has partnered extensively with local, state and federal agencies.”

What their propaganda release DOESN’T mention is that Alikhan played a key role in the removal of the LAPD “Mapping” Plan which involved mapping Muslim communities in an effort to identify potential hotbeds of extremism. LAPD officials said that it was crucial for them to gain a better understanding of isolated parts of the Muslim community because those groups can potentially breed violent extremism.

Alikhan also reportedly helped raise funds for the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) that has labeled a deadly anti-U.S. terrorist attack a legitimate operation, referred to terrorists as “freedom fighters” and equated Muslim jihad with the sentiments of American statesman Patrick Henry. He joined MPAC on April 11 for a special fundraiser called “Be the Change” to support what the group calls its innovative leadership development programs.

Kareem Shora

Napolitano also swore-in Kareem Shora, a “devout Muslim,” who was born in Damascus, Syria, as ADC National Executive Director as a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC). Shora is or once was the head of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, or ADC an Arab-American organization whose officials have labeled deadly anti-U.S. jihadists as “heroes” and opposed referring to Hamas as a terrorist organization.

The ADC, also has close ties to anti-Israel professor Rashid Khalidi, whose association with President Obama stirred controversy during the last presidential campaign.

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