WHAT WE USED TO HAVE: Notes and bills backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government in silver and gold coin.

Face of a one dollar bill backed by silver.
Back of a one dollar bill backed by silver.
Back of a $10 Gold note backed by gold.
$50 Treasury note backed by the full faith and credit of the United States.
Something we will probably never see again – a $10,000 bill backed by gold.

Front of a $10 bill backed by gold coin.

Back of a $10 bill backed by gold coin.
A more ledgible $10 bill backed by gold coin.
Reading top center to bottom center the bill says: This certifies that there have been deposited in the Treasury of the United States ten dollars in gold coin payable to the bearer on demand. There is no such inscription on Federal Reserve Notes.
WHAT WE HAVE NOW – below: Fiat (paper money with no silver or gold backing) notes from the Federal Reserve, a non-governmental banking cartel. This worthless “money” is loaded with Illuminati symbolism that is totally lacking on constitutional money.
This closeup of the obverse of what the Federal Reserve has labeled the “Great Seal of the United States” is open to dispute because of the slogan “novus ordo seclorum,” which has been interpreted as a reference to the “new world order.”
When a government committee was considering submissions for the designs of both the front and back of the Great Seal of the United States, Benjamin Franklin’s design was promptly rejected. I may be prejudiced, but of all the designs I like Franklin’s best. Here it is below:
Franklin’s design depicts the Egyptian Army being destroyed by God with Moses holding aloft his staff and the burning bush in the background. The slogan needs no interpretation: REBELLION TO TYRANTS IS OBEDIENCE TO GOD.
The selection preferred by the committee is still simple and easy to understand. Here it is below:
The unfinished pyramid was chosen to represent the strength of the pyramids of Egypt, 13 steps to represent the original 13 states, unfinished to represent a still-growing nation, and the all-seeing eye of God above.
The slogan; DEO FAVENTE PERENNIS is literally translated as: With God’s Favor Through The Years or With Everlasting Favor From God.
The design finally chosen is shown below:
An accurate translation of the words “Annuit Coeptis” is: “Providence favors our undertakings” or “Providence has favored our undertakings.” (The word “our” is supplied.). It has also been translated as: “He favors our undertakings” or “He has prospered our endeavors.”
The bottom part of the motto consists of three words: NOVUS which is translated as “New” followed by ORDO which is translated as “Order,” and SECLORUM which is translated as “Ages.” The literal translation reads: “A New Order of the Ages,” or more accurately, “New Secular Order.” Secular means not concerned with religious or spiritual matters. In other words a rejection of God.

Whatever the experts decide, it doesn’t take an expert to know the Federal Reserve notes are technically worthless. Just go to any bank and try to buy a silver dollar and hear what they tell you.

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