Speaker of the House John Boehner, is either lying or is horribly un-fit for public office when he claims he can only find $33 billion to cut from the proposed $1.6 trillion budget. What a crock.

Armed with nothing but a computer and calculator I found nearly $30 billion that could easily be cut, in addition to the $33 billion Congress is planning to cut. The details of what I located horrified me. Allow me to share my research with you.

How many people realize that in spite of the billions we have borrowed from Communist China, we are GIVING them more that $12.8 million in foreign aid? How many realize we are planning to GIVE Russia more than $64.6 million in foreign aid? The reality is we are going to GIVE $20,298,242,000 (that’s $20 + billion) to foreign countries with no strings attached. These are not loans, they are outright gifts.

We here in America are losing our homes to foreclosure and are facing enormous job cuts due to our industries leaving for foreign shores. Government taxation policies are not friendly to business. Yet we are giving aid to foreign slave-masters who are holding their own citizens in bondage and keeping Americans from full employment.

Mexico is exporting drugs, gangs and illegal immigrants to the United States in droves. We are planning to give Mexico $333,910,000 in foreign aid. Columbia is the source of tons of cocaine being used to hook our people, but have no fear, the idiots in Washington are going to give Columbia $400,208,000 in foreign aid.

Venezuela’s dictator, Hugo Chavez has on several occasions screamed insults to America. He once said: “I hereby accuse the North American empire (the U.S.) of being the biggest menace to our planet.” He also said: “I’m ready right now with the Venezuelan central bank…to move $5 billion (of Venezuelan reserves), to a South American bank.” Our response? We give him about $5 million in foreign aid every year. My question is, why are we giving him anything? After all, he is holding billions of dollars in “reserve.”

We all know that Cuba is a military dictatorship. Why then are we GIVING Castro $20 million in 2012 in foreign aid? Why are we propping up dictatorships with our money? More than 54,000 Americans gave their lives to keep Vietnam from falling to Communism. Yet, now that Vietnam is Communist we are sending them more than $125 million to prop up that evil regime. Why?

The United Nations stood by, issuing resolutions, while the Rwandan Genocide of 1994 took place. That genocide resulted in the slaughter of an estimated 800,000 to 1,000,000 people. The tiny East African nation is now controlled by President Paul Kagame, who rules with an iron fist. The U.S. is now supporting his dictatorship with approximately $248 million a year in foreign aid. I again ask; why?

That is only foreign aid. We are also pumping billions more in military aid and more millions into financial support to the United Nations. And there is more. Because our leaders jump every time the U.N. says to jump, we paid dues to the world in the blood of our finest young men and women.

Korea – 54,246 dead, 103,240 wounded or maimed, 4,439 POWs who never returned:
Vietnam – 58,253 killed, 53,203 wounded or maimed, 509 POWs:
Operation Desert Storm – 269 killed, 357 wounded or maimed:
Somalia – 18 killed, 70 wounded:
Afghanistan – 409 killed, 2,605 wounded:
Iraq – 4,211 killed, 30,871 wounded.

Total U.S. casualties (dead and wounded) during “peacekeeping” missions since WWII:
117,406 killed, 225,689 wounded.

I think we’ve paid enough dues to the U.N. We’ve paid enough to arm and care for the rest of the world. We are not giving them our tax dollars. We are giving them money we have borrowed and we have paid in blood. Enough is enough. It is time to cut off all foreign aid and military aid at least until our own deficit is repaid and maybe forever.

Scroll down to read the entire list of 108 nations set to receive foreign aid in 2012.

The U.S. Government website indicates that total U.S. foreign loans and direct aid in the form of grants for 2012 comes to $50 billion. Somewhere along the line about $30 billion more is hidden from public view. At least I couldn’t find it.



Mexico                                    $333,910,000
Guatemala                                 $99,725,000
Honduras                                  $67,960,000
Cuba                                         $20,000,000
Nicaragua                                  $25,336,000
Costa Rica                                     $715,000
Panama                                       $2,790,000
Ecuador                                     $32,040,000
Columbia                                 $400,208,000
Peru                                         $111,109,000
Bolivia                                        $32,710,000
Chili                                              $1,300,000
Argentina                                      $1,650,000
Uruguay                                           $980,000
Brazil                                           $18,250,000
Suriname                                           $250,000
Guyana                                         $13,850,000
Venezuela                                       $5,000,000
Haiti                                            $405,349,000
Jamaica                                         $11,613,000
Dominican Republic                       $36,401,000
             Sub-total                      $1,167,783,000

Poland                                             $37,200,000
Romania                                          $14,800,000
Hungary                                             $2,000,000
Czech Republic                                  $8,000,000
Lithuania                                            $3,850,000
Latvia                                                 $3,650,000
Estonia                                               $3,650,000
Belarus                                             $11,000,000
Slovak Republic                                  $2,165,000
Greece                                                  $100,000
Croatia                                               $4,850,000
Slovenia                                              $1,200,000
Bosnia and Herzegovina                    $50,250,000
Serbia                                               $39,250,000
Bulgaria                                             $10,700,000
Moldovia                                          $23,400,000
Montenegro                                        $6,340,000
Kosovo                                            $67,450,000
Albania                                             $22,650,000
Macedonia                                        $19,250,000
Portugal                                                 $100,000
Cyprus                                                $3,500,000
                        Sub-total                 $335,405,000


Turkey                                                $5,650,000
Iraq                                              $2,350,145,000
Jordan                                             $675,700,000
Lebanon                                          $232,360,000
Israel                                            $3,075,000,000
Oman                                                $12,650,000
Yemen                                             $120,160,000
Egypt                                            $1,557,250,000
Sudan                                               $518,257,000
Libya                                             $1,650,000,000
Tunisia                                                  $6,750,000
Burkina Faso                                       $21,300,000
Algeria                                                  $2,870,000
Morocco                                             $43,654,000
Mauritania                                             $5,680,000
Mali                                                  $171,772,000
Niger                                                  $15,025,000
Chad                                                     $6,580,000
Ethopia                                              $608,301,000
Nigeria                                               $660,453,000
Senegal                                              $119,860,000
Somalia                                                $81,371,000
Central African Republic                            $125,000
Cameroon                                            $13,035,000
Benin                                                    $29,100,000
Togo                                                          $140,000
Ghana                                                 $204,543,000
Cote d’Ivoire                                       $142,480,000
Liberia                                                 $211,401,000
Sierra Leone                                          $22,724,000
Kenya                                                  $751,400,000
Guinea                                                   $13,600,000
Gabon                                                         $400,000
Republic of Congo                                       $125,000
Democratic Repub. of Congo                $261,892,000
Uganda                                                 $527,774,000
Rwanda                                                $248,383,000
Barundi                                                   $37,621,000
Zambia                                                  $400,770,000
Madagascar                                            $78,800,000
Angola                                                    $72,858,000
Malawi                                                  $201,630,000
Mozambique                                          $402,571,000
Zimbabwe                                              $109,975,000
Nambia                                                   $99,650,000
Botswana                                                $71,890,000
South Africa                                          $561,936,000

                                Sub-total           $11,015,622,000


Russia                                                       $64,635,000
Kazakhstan                                               $21,385,000

Georgia                                                     $87,607,000
Armenia                                                    $44,300,000
Azerbaijan                                                 $21,365,000
Afghanistan                                           $3,213,380,000
Pakistan                                                $2,965,029,000
Turkmenistan                                            $10,275,000
Uzbekistan                                                 $11,830,000

India                                                         $142,600,000
Nepal                                                         $93,889,000
Kyrgyz Republic                                         $46,625,000
Tajikistan                                                    $45,025,000
China                                                          $12,850,000
Bangladesh                                                $266,118,000
Burma                                                         $37,200,000
Mongolia                                                     $10,550,000
Thailand                                                       $13,151,000
Laos                                                              $9,208,000
Cambodia                                                    $87,760,000
Vietnam                                                     $125,356,000

Indonesia                                                   $253,175,000
Sri Lanka                                                     $22,239,000
Malaysia                                                        $2,450,000
Papua New Guinea                                        $7,500,000
Philippines                                                  $163,680,000
Taiwan                                                              $250,000

                    Sub-total          $7,779,432,000 ($7.8 billion)
                    Americas                            $1,167,783,000 ($1.168 billion)
                    Europe                                  $335,405,000 ($335.5 million)
                    Middle East and Africa        $11,015,622,000 ($11.02 billion)
                   Asia and Pacific Islands           $7,779,432,000 ($7.8 billion)
                    GRAND TOTAL                   $20,298,242,000 ($20.3 billion)

Here is the entire list of 63 nations which received FOREIGN MILITARY FINANCING in 2006. This is the most current information I could find. Remember, foreign military financing is different from Foreign Aid.

International missions, such as the United Nations, come with high price. Check out a few of the U.N. back dues here.

Link to a 2005 report outlining how the United States supports repressive, often socialist or communist regimes by giving and selling arms. How many billions have we given away? We may never know. CLICK HERE for the report.



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