Time for citizens to arm themselves

The above headline didn’t come from me. It came from Chuck Wright, sheriff of Spartanburg County, S.C.

It seems the honorable sheriff got fed up with repeated crimes allegedly committed by habitual criminal Walter Lance. Sheriff’s investigators allege that the 46-year-old criminal grabbed a woman who was walking her dog in a local park, choked her, forced her to take off her clothing and committed sexual assault on her.

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Sheriff Wright opened a recent news conference by taking a full frontal swipe at the entire criminal justice system. Wright said he was tired of telling victims how sorry he is that the criminal justice has failed them.

“Our form of justice is not making it,” Wright said. “Carry a concealed weapon. That’ll fix it. Liberals call me and tell me the chain-gang form of justice isn’t working. Well, let me inform you, your form of justice isn’t working either.”

Since 1983, Lance has been charged with 20 crimes, including those against women, resisting arrest and escape. He also was is on probation for a federal gun charge.

At a recent press conference, Sheriff Wright urged people, especially women, to get a concealed weapons permit and use it to defend themselves. He also gave his version of gun control.

Wright said in his view gun control, “is when you can get your barrel back on the target quick. That’s gun control.” (Law enforcement officers are trained to always quickly shoot a suspect twice, a practice known as a double tap.) “It’s too bad someone with a concealed weapons permit didn’t walk by,” Wright said. “That would fix it.”

Read the original article and see the video of the sheriff’s press conference HERE.

Sheriff Wright joins a growing laundry list of sheriffs who are taking stands, in one way or another, against the monstrous beast we now call the federal government. Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz., for example, has almost become legend over his fight to protect his state from illegal immigration. I wrote an article recently highlighting several other sheriffs who have began to understand they can use their power to legally fight the judicial system and even the federal government. The article is entitled: Can sheriffs save America? and can be read HERE.

The bottom line is, the courts do often release dangerous felons from prison and a large majority of them return to a life of crime. It is the right, and duty of law-abiding citizens to arm and protect themselves, relying on law enforcement only as a back-up. By all means, dial 911, but be prepared mentally and physically for a double-tap on a dangerous criminal.

At one point, Wright held up a fanny pack and said, “They make this right here where you can conceal a small pistol in them. They got one called The Judge that shoots a .45 or a .410 shell. You ain’t got to be accurate; you just have to get close.”


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