Homosexual sex, drugs and murder in the land of Obama

Since Obama was never fully vetted by the lame-stream media during his initial presidential campaign, it falls on bloggers and other media to expose the presidential usurper.

Obama has repeatedly dodged the issue of his land of native birth and his “natural born“ status. He also has a history of association with radicals, socialists, anti-American activists, gay and lesbian communities and communists. Obama seems to be linked to every left-wing extremist group in the country.

Recent allegations have arisen claiming Obama is either gay or bi-sexual. If the allegations are true, the trail of murdered men that littered his rise to national power make him complicit, or at least the recipient of the benefits, of the murders. If the allegations of his homosexuality tendency’s are false, the dead bodies are simply coincidence.

Another such allegation came to light on May 11, 2012 when an article was published by The Ulsterman Report. The report contains a “shocking tale of Barack Obama’s behavior following a high profile Chicago gathering of Democratic Party elites shortly before Obama won election to the Illinois Senate.”

The report links Obama with a murdered gay church choir conductor and school teacher. The church was Trinity United Church of Chicago where Obama maintained membership for 20 years. The murdered man was Donald Young.

I strongly urge all my readers to read the entire Ulsteman report HERE.

For more on the possible Obama gay connection click the below link.


For more on the possible Obama gay connection click the below link. 














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