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Let’s really shut the government down

To heck with pussyfooting around shutting down parks, museums other public landmarks. If the president and Congress really want to shut the government down, let’s go for the jugular. Here are a few suggestions that will shut parts of the government down, save taxpayer money and in my opinion, make America better and stronger.

1. A shutdown carries with it a mandatory 90-day length. Let it last long enough to hurt.

2. Shut off all aid, including humanitarian and military aid to foreign governments. A shut-off is permanent until the government shutdown ends. No retroactive payments later.

3. Don’t shut off Yellowstone, the Statue of Liberty, the Smithsonian Museum or any other national treasure. Instead, shut off Congressional, Presidential and Supreme Court Justice’s pay. None of them get a check for at least 90 days. They won’t get retroactive pay either. They lose the money.

4. Don’t touch veteran’s or Social Security benefits. We have, after all, paid into those programs and deserve the payouts. Do stop food stamps and other welfare giveaways – especially to illegal aliens or others who have never paid taxes.

5. Stop payments to all cabinet members and “Czars.”

6. Stop payments to the United Nations.

7. Forbid the IRS from collecting taxes, even retroactively after the government shutdown ends.

8. Ground Air Force one and two and forbid the use of any other military aircraft for presidential or congressional travel. Let them stay in Washington and get their house in order.

To me the concept of a government shutdown is simple. Park rangers, secretaries and others of that stature are not the government. They are employees of the government. If Congress and the President can’t come to an agreement and force a shutdown of the government – then shut down the government. Don’t punish the employees of  the government.


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