Liberals and progressives are sometimes good for a laugh

Here’s a real belly-shaker for you. A pointy-headed college professor, Jonathan Zimmerman, at New York University (NYU) has publicly proclaimed all our nation’s woes would be resolved if only we would amend the Constitution and give Obama a third term as president.

Wow! This professor must think the voting public is stupid. Well, given the public’s acceptance of Obama and his other ridiculous political “victories,” maybe they are.

Victories? Well, we still don’t have resolution on the Fast and Furious fiasco. Obama also has thus far managed to avoid getting dirty with the Benghazi, Libya terrorist attack and the murder of four Americans, including our ambassador. He has enabled the National Security Agency (NSA) to establish a series of super-computers which are being used to spy on Americans. And let’s not forget Obamacare which is nothing less than an attempted takeover of 1/6 of our national economy and is rife with presidential lies. I guess one could call them victories for socialism but definitely NOT victories for the American people.

Zimmerman has called for an amendment that would remove all presidential term limits.

Zimmerman would give this horrible excuse of a president a third or even possibly a fourth term to continue the destruction of our Constitution and country.

The questions are; should be cry over his “victories?”; marvel over his audacity?; or laugh in amazement at the ignorance of his supporters and especially Professor Zimmerman?

I think we should all get a good laugh then re-double our efforts to rid our government of all the egg-head progressives and liberals and outright socialists, like Obama.


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