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I’ve got a pen…

“I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone — and I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward,” Obama said at a recent cabinet meeting. What he didn’t say was such actions are diametrically opposite of the intent of the Founders of our Republic.

Obama’s use of his pen and telephone to bypass Congress is treason. Treason is simply, giving aid and comfort to our nation’s enemies. At least, that is the constitutional definition.

Obama has committed treason by weakening our nation to the point where our enemies have indeed been comforted, our allies and friends confused and angered and he has destroyed us as a superpower. That does not take into account the misery he has heaped on we the people. He has betrayed our trust and to me, that is also treason.

At the least Obama is a tyrant, a dictator and a despot. He has “fundamentally changed” America from a representative Democratic Republic into a federal dictatorship or if you prefer, a Nazi/socialist nation. He didn’t do it alone. He did it with the willing help of his Progressive/Democrat/Liberal pals in the media and Congress.

Our Founders considered government a necessary evil to protect its citizens from lawlessness, chaos, tyranny and anarchy. God inspired the Founders to give us a Constitution to deliberately bind down the government while guaranteeing our individual rights to live our lives as free as possible from government intervention.

If you believe in God as the source of good you must also believe in evil and the source of evil is Satan, Lucifer – the devil. Christian doctrine indicates that evil is always opposed to good; Satan is always opposed to God. So if God inspired the Constitution, Satan has led his demons to oppose it.

God offered us freedom and liberty. Satan offered Communism and Socialism and Obama has given us tyranny – the exact opposite of God’s plan.



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