Justice for Ferguson

The town of Ferguson, MO, has become synonymous with Beirut, Lebanon.

The pictures on television were indeed terrible with mobs of looting, violent protesters agitating, burning cars and businesses and terrorizing an entire American town. And for what? Because an 18-year-old black criminal was shot and killed while assaulting a white cop.

A grand jury heard all the evidence and spoke loudly and clearly – no criminal charges would be lodged against, Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed the suspect, Michael Brown.

Brown was suspected in the robbery of a convenience store and documents released following the grand jury’s decision, show that witnesses and physical evidence revealed that Brown assaulted Wilson and tried to get his gun. Apparently these FACTS had no impact on the Ferguson mob. They lusted for blood and “revenge” against the police for doing nothing more than fulfilling their oath to uphold the rule of law.

I guess I could be called a hard-liner when it comes to such domestic rebellion. I think Wilson should be commended for fulfilling his oath of office. I also think the rioters should be prosecuted under terrorism statutes. Many of the rioters are lucky they weren’t shot during the commission of their felonies.

I lived during the Watts and Detroit riots of the 1960s and am sick of the lawlessness which are actually insurrection and rebellion against the rule of law and we all know how the U.S. government reacts to insurrectionists in other countries, most notably Iraq.

If the insurrectionists idea of justice for Brown is to break the windows of a business and steal a television or to burn a cop car, they have no business being an American.

My idea of justice for Officer Wilson and the community of Ferguson would be a trial for the offenders and if found guilty, a minimum 50 year sentence or voluntary renunciation of their citizenship followed by exile to any country that would harbor their criminal carcasses.

What happened in Ferguson is not a black vs. white issue as much as a lawlessness vs. rule of law issue. This was anarchy, pure and simple. Do we choose to live in a peaceful society or do we revert to the law of the jungle? Do we choose liberty and freedom, or do we choose rioting, anarchy, insurrection and chaos?



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