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Watch the lame-duck Congress – They want to sneak amnesty into law with the DREAM Act

Obama first promised hope and change. Now his administration is trying to ram DREAM down our throats. If you think Obama’s idea of hope and change are bad, wait until you get DREAM stuffed into your gullet. Hope, change and DREAM make me want to vomit, vomit, vomit.

Closing our borders and killing the so-called “DREAM” Act are vital to controlling illegal immigration. Proponents of DREAM refer to those it will aid as “undocumented workers.” Bull-oney. They are ILLEGAL aliens – criminals – and all they deserve is jail time followed by deportation.

Illegal immigrants pose enormous financial problems for border states. They are flooding our schools and medical facilities and straining Social Security. But there’s more.

Barry, Harry and Nancy (Obama, Reid and Pelosi) want to jam the DREAM Act down our throats just like they did with government-controlled health care. DREAM stands for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors and would provide immediate amnesty for the approximately 12 million illegals currently in our nation. It will give them educational benefits along with all the other financial perks they now enjoy and literally throw our southern border open to a further invasion of Mexican (and South and Central American) nationals with no allegiance to our nation, culture or Constitution. They would, however, have every reason to be thankful for the Democrats.

Illegal alien block voting will follow. When all other issues are stripped away, most if not all those receiving amnesty, will lick the hand of the Democrats and reward them with their vote, which is de-facto vote-buying. Illegal alien votes will be bought with pseudo-citizenship, educational grants and Social Security payouts. That will put at least 4 to 5 million more votes into Democrat hands and will be used to thwart the will of the legal citizens of this country.

Please understand, the Democrat Party of today isn’t the same Democrat party our grandparents knew and loved. It is no longer the party of JFK and Teddy Roosevelt, it is instead a mish-mash conglomeration of gays, lesbians, powerful labor unions, progressives, Socialists, Communists and other assorted rabble. I know whereof I speak because I grew up the son of Democrat parents and grandparents in Michigan, a heavily unionized Democrat stronghold. I was at one point a registered Democrat, then a registered Republican (until I saw that there wasn’t a nickel’s worth of difference between the Democrats and the Republicans,) and finally, an independent.

I watched as the “progressive Democrats” destroyed Michigan and will not sit idly by and watch as the same coalition destroys America.

Finally, The DREAM Act is a vehicle, one of several vehicles actually, that are designed to create a One World Order by destroying American, Mexican and Canadian national sovereignty. It would do so by dissolving our borders and making us part of an American Union under the direct control of the United Nations and international bankers. Instead of raising their standard of living they will lower ours until we would in effect become a third-world country.

Every illegal alien is just adding one more enemy soldier to the giant Trojan Horse already in place inside our borders. They are destroying our culture and ruining what little is left of our financial ability to resist further invasion AND by their votes, perpetuate our problems.

Our lame-duck Congress, under the traitorous “leadership” of Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, will attempt to pass the DREAM Act before they finally lose control. We must ACT NOW to prevent the DREAM Act from final passage. We must close our southern border and boot every illegal alien and their “anchor babies” out of our country.

We must also consider carefully the citizenship status of Muslims, especially those who embrace jihad and Sharia law. We can’t continue to reward with citizenship those who would destroy our nation. I’m almost to the point of saying that every Muslim should be thrown out of our country. Our sovereignty and national existence should be our number one priority.




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